Doctors say . . .

I have worked with Terri [Bechtel] and her associates for the past 20 years.  They have consistently delivered the highest quality of physical therapy in the city.  In my estimate Terri Bechtel is the top professional in her field.
Peng Fan, M.D.
Bechtel Physical Therapy has been our choice for our patients who require physical therapy. . .They are serious professionals who have treated each patient with individual attention and careful assessment of their requirements.  Feedback from our patients has always been very positive and appreciative . . ..
Charles G. Willson King, M.D.
My experience is that each therapist [at Bechtel Physical Therapy] provides very complete reports with excellent evaluations and treatment plans.
Olga Popel, M.D.
Bechtel is located in a modern, elegant building with a parking structure accessible from the alley.  I walked almost directly to the elevator and entered a waiting room with comfortable seats covered with light-colored super suede.  A spring sun shone through the glass wall creating a warm atmosphere, accentuated by the calming effect of running water on the opposite wall.  There was no time to look into the magazines folded neatly on the coffee table.  One of the smiling receptionists introduced me to [my Physical Therapist] who was recommended to me by my friend.  She showed me to a private examining and treatment room.  Her questioning and evaluation were very professional.  Soon we became involved in friendly conversation, which distracted me from the painful manipulation of my recently operated knee.  After a soothing massage, finished with a warm towel, we went to the gymnasium, where I started the exercise program.  The physical therapy session ended back in the private room with electrotherapy and an ice wrap to control the soreness after the exercise.  To increase the soothing effect of these modalities, I was covered with a warm blanket, the light was dimmed and soft music lulled me to sleep. I am making rapid progress toward my goals, painless walking and my beloved tennis.  Physical and Rehabilitation medicine is my profession.  I am a physiatrist and therefore I can appreciate the quality of Bechtel Physical Therapy, and gladly give Karleen and the whole team a triple A.
Olga Stehlik, M.D.

Patients say . . .

It has been a pleasure to come to Bechtel Physical Therapy.  Everything  from the staff’s professionalism and people skills, to the building’s decor . . . and even the parking seems to have been given careful thought.
Bill North, patient
[From my therapist to the office manager] to everyone I’ve met — those at the desks and the assistants — reflect your insistence on the best of human resources!  Wonderful people.  I am grateful.
Marian Rees, producer
I was so pleased with the excellent care I was given by Kristine [Himmelrick] and her assistant, Daniel. I felt their care was exceptional and done at my pace along with compassion. In fact your whole staff, including office personnel were accommodating and pleasant. (Dana, Vanessa and Chris.) They are the ones I personally dealt with. I would recommend your clean, pleasant facility to my friends.
Rose Gillis, patient
I have and would highly recommend the Bechtel Physical Therapy Group to anyone.
Marianne Driskel, patient
[From a letter to a patient’s doctor:] I want to state how well I was treated at Bechtel Physical Therapy. The difference between [BPT and the last physical therapy office I went to] is not even worth going into.  Bechtel is so far ahead in manners, customer service and, above all, treatment, they aren’t even in the same boat. . .Thank you for sending me to them.  They are the best, and I thought you should know that.
Arthur Silber, Jr., patient
I would like to express my gratitude to the staff for helping me overcome my back pain and to start feeling normal again. My experience at Bechtel has been wonderful. From the moment I walked in and am greeted by the smiling faces behing the front desk, to the work out Nicole [Chaput] and her aide put me through, I know I am getting the best care possible. I would really recommend Bechtel to anyone in need of physical therapy. Bechtel truly has a professional environment that helps the healing process. If I am ever in need again, I will call Bechtel for help.
Penny Johnson, patient
[From a thank you card to Jeff Loox]:  “In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m working again, thanks in no small part to you of course! No problems so far, I’m totally digging being back in action, and most importantly, MONEY . . .GOOD. THANK YOU SO MUCH DUDE! I would not be walking (at least this soon) if it were not for you and the rest of the nice people at Bechtel.
Eric Sandoval, patient
[From a letter to Terri Bechtel:] I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you something that you no doubt already know . . .you have some pretty fabulous people working for you. I have been a patient of Bechtel Physical Therapy [for nine months]. As you can imagine, during that time I have really had a chance to see how the business operates. So, my first compliments are to your front office staff. They are bright, warm, nurturing, yet very professional. It’s a tough combination to master. But they do! Julie Sico is a doll. Also warm and caring, she has a wonderful way of making you feel better and making sure you leave with a smile. I honestly don’t know how I got Brian Anderson as my therapist, but I consider myself very lucky. . .He really is simply terrific! But you work with these folks everyday, so I know I am telling you what you already know. I just think it is important that you are aware that others see what a top notch, first rate team you have working for you and that, as a patient, I am deeply appreciative of their skill and caring. Please express my deep appreciation to [the team at Bechtel Physical Therapy] for taking such very good care of me while I was under treatment.
Mary Ann Grasso, patient